John Wilson began his professional career signed to Rick Rubin’s Def American Records as a member of the band Supreme Love Gods. Wilson later became a band member of Jack Dangers’ pioneering electronic band, Meat Beat Manifesto (creative collaborator/ multi-instrumentalist 1994-1998).

After leaving Meat Beat Manifesto, in 1998, Wilson composed and produced a modern concept blues record with blues Producer Chris Millar (audio documentary/blues advertising) entitled, “Pig in a Can” focusing on Legendary West Coast Blues Musicians from their home town (Harmonica Slim, Hosea Levy, Dadu, JJ Malone). “Pig in a Can” defined a new landscape and approach for the modern popular blues and was included on the “Ballin’ the Jack: Birth of the Nu Blues” compilation alongside Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, and R.L. Burnside.

Wilson studied composition with maverick psychoacoustic theorist/composer James Tenney while obtaining his graduate degree at the California Institute of the Arts. His innovative compositional research focused on incorporating mixed media, specifically mechanical springs and helical metals into music advertising. During this time John also created original compositions for many blockbuster theatrical trailers including Ice Age, Gosford Park, Spy Kids 3D, Lord of the Rings, and many others. 

John has been involved in designing programs for educational institutions and was the Director of Music Technology and program creator at Chabot College in Hayward California (2007-08). His innovative approach enabled students with no experience to compose, record, engineer, and produce a high quality product during one semester.

John moved to Montreal and composed for many award winning theatrical film and television productions from 2008-2014.  His commitment to restoring, archiving, remastering, and mastering lost or forgotten audio gems has added greatly to the experience and diversity through the cross cultural language of music. Recent collaborations include the Quebec Museum of Rock and Roll and many local and international labels and artists.

John continues to add his unique style of composition in film, theatre, television, advertising, popular and experimental music recordings, audio object-sound installations, and live performances.

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Client Portfolio:
National Film Board of Canada
Def American Records
Interscope Records
Nothing Records
Fedora Records
New Line Cinema
Screen Gems
20th Century Fox
History Channel
Walt Disney Pictures
Universal Pictures
USA Films
Lions Gate
Warner Studio
History Channel
American Movie Classics
Dance Theater Work Shop
8th Street Theater NYC
Hub 14
Oregon State University
California Institute of the Arts
Chabot College
Fresno State College
Yale University
Smithsonian Institute
Rutgers University
Fedora Records
Highnote Records
Renaissance Corporate Services
Capitol Records
Red Hot and Cool
Catbird Productions
Disques Pluton
Finder Keepers
Mucho Gusto
Women Laughing Productions
Landed 2